The perfectly balanced hostel. A relaxed, homely atmosphere by day, a party-orientated place by night. The lines between staff and visitors are blurred, there's an intrinsic family feel. I was kept motivated by daily activities the staff informed us of (which they would often take us on themselves). The most social hostel I've been to, partly due to free 8pm dinners cooked in front of you - the catalyst for everyone getting to chat, before drinking games begin.

September 25, 2016

Great place to stay. Not only an energetic bunch of staff members, but the common areas mean you have to meet people. Nightly family dinners and cheeky drinking games mean you become mates easily. Close to the main area but not in the centre of tourist-ville. Special mention to Roman, Zac and Nick who took us out for a good night out. I also left my credit card there by mistake and they contacted me within an hour and we sorted it out. Great fun thanks guys! Ben and Justin

September 23, 2016

I had THE BEST TIME here at hostel one home. The staff are very friendly and helpful. In particular Nick, Roman, Maria, Zachs and Phillip made my stay that much more enjoyable. They offer a free 'family dinner' every night. Followed by the options of drinking games and pub crawls. They also offer various free and paid day trips. Breakfast is fantastic and for a great price too. Love Prague. Love this hostel. Will miss everyone x

September 23, 2016

One of my favorite hostels. The free dinner and drinking games bring everyone together, and then you can go out and party hard with their sister hostel, or get a good night's sleep at this more quiet hostel. Really intimate and small, everyone gets to know each other well. It really feels like a home, and the staff are all amazing.

September 23, 2016

THE BEST hostel, very social, friendly staff and clean. Great location next to the train station and less than a 10 minute walk to the city center! I'd recommend staying here if you want to party. They sell beer, having drinking games and party with their sister & brother hostels every night. Free dinner too! They rented towels, power converters and hair dryers! My only complaint was there were only 9 lockers in our 10-bed room and the showers overflowed and made a puddle in the bathroom.

September 21, 2016

I stayed for two nights at Hostel One Home for about EUR80. This is my first time to stay in a hostel with people I don’t know, and I found it secure, clean and giving you the opportunity to socialize with many people, mostly students from the corners of the world. The staff and residents speak English, and the general atmosphere was nice.

In the first night, we were taken into 4 night clubs to show us how crazy is Prague even on Monday and Tuesday nights! The second night was not less interesting as we were taken into a bar at a sister motel and then to another night club in the city.

Dinner is served at the reception; I had it once, it was ok, but honestly didn’t meet my taste, so I dined outside afterwards. It doesn’t really matter if you travel on a budget, as most people are seemingly inclined into drinks more than fine food and deserts.

The WIFI connection was working fine most of the time, but there’re occasions where it was slow. There’re PCs with internet connection fixed to the walls if you needed them. I used them to make booking for one my following trip.

This is not a hotel so I was not expecting a comfy or curtained private bed when sleeping. I didn’t sleep well as I’m a very light sleeper, but I slept when people left in the afternoon! If these are issues, you shouldn’t try a hostel with six people in a room.

August 12, 2016

At first appearances the hostel gives off a bad vibe. To get in you have to walk down a alley, get buzzed through a door and them walk up to the third floor of what appears to be a apartment building to get to reception. However once you get past that the rest of our experience was outstanding. One of the staff took the time to show us around the hostel and take us to our room. The rooms were clean and had plenty of space for myself and the other roommates. I believe that the staff is what really makes this hostel stand out. They took the time to make everyone feel at home while at the same time still going out and partying with the guests. They also make home cooked meals every night for dinner that are free, as well as breakfast which inst free but defiantly worth the few dollars. Next time I am in Prague I will definitely be going back here.

Nick M
July 24, 2016

I stayed at the hostel one home from 14th to 18th july 2016 and i had an amazing time there. My man roman at the reception made me feel like home in a few seconds. Also the rest off the stuff is very friendly and willing to help where they can. If you are looking to stay at a hostel where you meet people which you gonna miss after a few days because they are family by then, you should defenitly go to hostel one home. The location is also quit nice , just a few minutes walk away from the town center and the rooms are smooth and clean. I can't stop telling how nice my stay was, we had so much fun playing drinking games before the whole hostel crew went out for a pub crawl or club or whatever. There is always something going on there.
So i want to say thank you to the whole hostel one home crew ! You guys rock and i allready miss everyone of you guys!! I'm trying to come back as fast as i can.
Cheers Fabrizio

July 22, 2016

Hostel was AMAZING - so close to everything, public transport literally at the front door. Prague is a pretty great walking city, though, so not that you really need it. Everyone was so helpful, made the most friends here out of anywhere on my 2 month trip. Bathrooms clean and tidy, nice hot water, awesome beds, big rooms.Staff were absolutely incredible, dinner free every night, super nutritious and delicious. Everyone was always around to give you directions or recommendations but also get down and party. This hostel is definitely a family and it felt like home, can't recommend it enough. Special mention to Dave and Nathan for being incredible :)

January 6, 2016

By far the best hostel I have ever stayed at! Immediately when my friends and I arrived at Hostel One Home we were blown away by how welcome all of the staff made us feel. We arrived just in time for the group dinner (which was delicious) and the staff took it upon themselves to introduce us to the other guests and workers in the common area. I stayed for four nights and really regret not having opted to do longer. We had the option of going out with members of Hostel Home every evening and all of the recommendations we were provided concerning things to do / see and places to eat / drink proved to be right on the money! Prague is an amazing city and I couldn't be happier that I was based at Hostel One Home for my stay. I would highly recommend it to anyone and I will be definitely coming back!

October 15, 2015